Perfectly Paired: Bedroom Benches

Friday, March 18, 2011

There is something so pleasing about a pair of benches at the foot of the bed! It's one bedroom layout that is just lovely and practical (and we all know that a match of form and function is a great  and often rare thing!) Benches or stools help visually anchor the bed and I so prefer them to a foot board - which I always end up kicking in the night. Plus, as a girl obsessed with lots of decorative bed pillows, the benches offer a perfect place to stack them at night or pile up discarded clothes or books! I  have collected a little gallery of my favorite perfectly paired benches . . . 

{Above is a bright bedroom featured in Domino - I just love the yellow ceramic stools and West Elm woven rope headboard! Image via Haus Proud blog
A dramatic bedroom with Moroccan style inlaid bone benches {Domino via Cocomale}

The room is so 'Secret Garden' to me  - but updated! Fantastic wallpaper and brushed nickel canopy bed {Domino via The Crafty Cameleon}

I love how feminine yet light this space is! and these great cream painted antique benches with a mod geometric fabric are perfect! {via House Beautiful, designer not noted}

By designer Jacqueline Derry Segura featured in House Beautiful.

An eclectic room by Monique Equenazi - what a great collection of pattern! 

Designer Marshall Watson for House Beautiful {photo by Eric Piasecki}

A beachy bedroom designed by Tom Stringer, photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo in House Beautiful.

 A bedroom at the 2007 San Francisco Decorator's Showhouse by designer Jay Jeffers {photo by Matthew Millman}

What a dreamy bedroom with antique x bases benches - Jim Howard via House Beautiful {photo by Francesco Langese}

Designer Mary McDonald's own lush bedroom featured in Domino - I adore the pink fabric roof of the bed canopy! {photo by Miguel Flores-Vienna}

Spicer + Bank by Allison Egan

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Anya adores said...

Hello Allison, brilliant post! The rug in the 3rd picture reminds me of your background on your blog! FAB. I also adore the yellow ceramic stools pic. 1.<3
A xx

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