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Monday, March 21, 2011

I love this numerical trend I've spotted recently! I always struggled a bit in the math department so I am thrilled I have found numbers that I can really get on board with. These numbered pieces are unexpected and graphic, plus I like the industrial chic feeling they give. And maybe even practical too - no more forgetting which wine glass is yours! So here is the countdown . . .

{Above is a guest house by Barbara Hill in Texas via Remodelista!}

Engraved numbered wine glasses from Whitewash Sundries

I love these framed vintage numbers casually propped up along the back wall! What a chic living room by Colleen Locke via Lonny.

A fine art photo by Eyeful Designs on Etsy.

Hemp and cotton napkins by Heather Lins Home.

A clever makeover on a Rast dresser from IKEA! Great olive green color too. Via the IKEA blog

A quirky "Lucky" doorknob from Anthropologie, $8.

Great canvas bags from UK based Alaphabet Bags, via Black Eiffel.

Traditional chairs pop with a graphic number in this cottage dining room by Steven Shubel.

Loved this nautical sail pillow from Wisteria! 

And these mixing bowls also from Wisteria . . 

A great kitchen vignette with numbered ceramic canisters by Lauren Nelson {image via Remodelista}. 

xoxo Allison Egan

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