Andy + Kate Spade: Monday Morning Inspiration!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I think the best interiors strike a harmonious balance between the 'designed' and the 'lived in'. As a decorator, I am all for carefully and purposefully designed elements but I also just love those pieces which feel accidental and natural. Aren't homes, after all, are to be lived in and enjoyed! That is one reason I am so inspired by the beautiful home of Andy and Kate Spade, as featured on The Selby. I am huge fan of the amazing blog, The Selby, which is written by the very talented photographer and illustrator Todd Selby. The interiors feel so comfortable and real, while of course still utterly stylish! I love that Selby did not over-style the apartment for the shoot, it leaves us feeling like we really got to spend the afternoon with the Spades. Enjoy!

I love the way they hung the picture gallery in their entry - so welcoming!

The electric blue chest is just lovely. 

Love the bright yellow solid headboard and the steel gray seagrass walls

This bathroom is so charming - the paper is beautiful

Fantastic colored matting on the pictures! 

Andy and daughter Bea, so sweet! 

Click here for more wonderful photos of the space! {All images by Todd Selby}
Hope you have an inspired day! 

1 comment:

Cool Bites said...

Absolutely fantastic home!
I felt in love with the kitchen! I heart that floor.
And the bedroom and all the details around are gorgeous ;)


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