Look Up! Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add instant pattern, color, and texture to a space! I am pretty much crazy for all types of wall covering and one of my favorite design tricks to wallpaper the ceiling. On my very first design job at Eric Cohler he selected a bold geometric print for the powder room ceiling - the effect was amazing! The ceiling is as large as the floor - don't let is go to waste! 
The small scale print makes the entry so welcoming even though its so grand! By Bear-Hill Interiors {via Cocokelley}

Black and white paisley on the ceiling is fabulous! This neutral toned room is a beautiful example of finding visual interest in pattern and finishes instead of color! By Colleen Locke {via Lonny March-April 2011}.

I adore this bedroom - the paper on the ceiling makes it so cozy!

So calming . . . featured in Domino {via Splendid Willow}

A nursery that is youthful but still so chic - of course its by the amazing Jenna Lyons of J. Crew! {via Babble}

The pattern on the ceiling helps keep the dusty rose from being overwhelming! {via Honey and the Moon}

Designer David Cafiero via Lonny - I especially like the vintage feel!

So sweet! Osbourne & Little Firibata Star paper {via Domino}

This kitchen is so bright and fun {Domino via Table Tonic}

Well, its not a ceiling really but the lovely blue paper makes this closet so special! Wonderful idea! {via Domino}

Happy Weekend!!! 
xo Allison


Cool Bites said...

Such a great idea! never thought about ceilings possibilities!
...and that closet is fantastic !


Allison Egan said...

I know - once i have a home of my own I am papering and painting the closets all bright colors! makes getting dressed fun!

amy b.s. said...

so love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling, but am so scared to do it. i haven't even found the perfect wallpaper for my bedroom wall. i can't imagine trying to deal with ceiling!

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