Birthday Wisdom!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's official - I am 30 today! and you know, its pretty wonderful! I wish I had more words of wisdom to share since I am now supposed to be older and wiser  . . .  but in lieu I found a few lovely quotes from others to live by! (plus I can't help but be drawn their beautiful presentation! I am after all a decorator - would love to frame any of these!) 

Thank you for all the endless love and support from family and friends - I love and miss you all!

Now lets see if I can follow these wise words in the year to come!! 
Looking forward to a few cocktails tonight with friends! 

 xo Allison 


Anna said...

Happy birthday! I love these - great words to live by. xx

Cool Bites said...

Lovely post and wonderful quotes ;)
Happy, happy Birthday !!!


Rachel said...

Wonderful post, and all with perfect design layouts, how fitting! Miss you and glad your birthday was wonderful!

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