Artist Spotlight: Joe Cariati Glass

Monday, October 10, 2011

I spotted these stunning rainbow bright glass vessels in Vouge Living Australia but was surprised to find they are actually created by an L.A. based artist Joe Cariati- I love how global the design world is these days! I adore the smooth, modern shapes and clean, jewel colored hues of these lovely pieces. Sometimes with accessories, one bold element goes much father than lots of little items - and these glass beauties are a perfect example!

Joe at work. I love the molten, formative process of glass blowing- what skill and creative energy!

These cloches are so unique and would be stunning as is or filled with a plant or favorite keepsake.

It's almost as if this whole glam living room was designed around the beautiful glass vessels! {via}

One of Joe's gorgeous teal pieces even makes a cameo in Sex and the City 2. I love it with those metallic elongated lamps, shaped mirror, and fantastic chocolate printed wallpaper! If I could have only one, it would surely be this lovely! Which one would you pick?

Visit here to see more pieces and a video of Joe at work! 

{All other images via}
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Julie said...

These are really gorgeous. This summer when I was in Venice we went to a few really amazing glass shops, Venice is known for their glass. I'm always so fascinated by the way it's created!

Amanda Hill said...

Oh swoon...those are stunning!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

What amazing work. I have a serious love affair with hand blown glass and these are just amazing.

Nikki said...

Those are gorgeous! I desperately want a cloche now!

Hamptontoes said...

Those are gorgeous! I am impressed with his level of artisy. Amazingly stunning.

Cindy Albert said...

I love the picture with the silk pillows in the same beautiful jewel tones as the those amazing bottles.

All the best,

Anya adores said...

Gorgeous - I want everything in the SATC picture - swoooon,
Happy tuesday Allison,

Cristina said...

I love these glass vessels!
Look at these one as well:


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