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Friday, October 7, 2011

My current obcession: cork floor to ceiling! I love the earthy, organic feel of cork and how each piece is slightly different, full of flecks of warm browns, golds and neutrals. Plus, it's renewable and very environmentally friendly and lately cork has popping up in all types of new products - like wall tiles, paneling and paper. Whether you leave it in it's pure state or cover it with inspirations and images, there is something so casual and delightful about cork! 

I love this last image of a boy's room. The cork wall and worn leather chairs are so cool and whole space grows so well from little guy to teen. Also loving the wide striped rug and navy blue lacquered door!
This would also make a great DIY project . . . try this company for cork tiles and wall covering! Would you ever try this idea at home? 

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CoolBites said...

wow, never thought about this...but I really love the cork wall on the first photo ! great inspiration ! xx

Anya adores said...

That' s cool - very different but I kinda like it - my fave image is number 5 or 6 - they look great.
Have a lovely weekend Allison,

danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

Fun! I love them all (minus the one with the cork ceiling)...that is just a little too much for me. But these are really great. Love them!

Kiana said...

I think it's great that in some pictures you can't tell it's cork. It almost looks like...leather? Interesting!

Jessie said...

I like cork in small doses, maybe on an accent wall. I have seen people use cork floors and I think they look great!

Have a lovely weekend!


Camille said...

I had never once noticed a cork wall, but since I love wood so much, this is a natural extension of that. The last picture of the boys room is pretty great!

White Tapestry said...

I think this idea is genius..almost like the chalk board walls. Such a great idea in an office, especially for an interior designer. Have a lovely weekend!

Amanda Hill said...

Gahhh...I love how those look! Cork is warm!

homestilo said...

I really like the image where they have covered the wall with picture pin-ups. They seem to have taken the treatment to the next level.

cork said...

Wow, I was lucky to find this site after i wanted some info on Bing! Continue the truly amazing work!

SG said...

Hi Allison,

I came across your post after searching for "cork wall tiles in Singapore."

Your post is dated 2011 and it's 2017 now, however I have been unsuccessful in finding any businesses that supply and install cork wall tiles here in Singapore.

I was wondering if you had any recommendations for someone who could do this for me?

Thanks. Appreciate your help.

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